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dubois ebony

100% Made of Indonesian Rare Ebony



200 Years of Warmth at Your Home


Tableware and interior item brand “dubois ebony” uses the rare ebony produced in Sulawesi Island in Indonesia. It is a collection of items that carry dignity and grace of the ebony, designed simply to fit into modern lifestyle with the excellent skill of Kyoto craftsman. Enjoy the beautiful shade of refined ebony, of which fresh energy of nature and glittering shine of wood skin permeated from inside the material, combined with traits of both solidity and tenderness.


Rare and Premium “Macassar Ebony”


Ebony is called “diamond in the forest”, as it is one of the solidest and scarcest woods in the world. Even among them, we use the ones grown only in the rocky place, the harshest environment, of the innermost depth of the Sulawesi Island in Indonesia. Because it takes much more time to grow in the rocky place compared with other environmental conditions, the growth rings of this kind get so dense, its solidity hard enough not to even allow the blades of saw to cut, and its weight heavy enough to sink in the water. The surface texture of Macassar Ebony is characterized by the black-based stripe pattern of the growth rings, which brings forth the glamorous and captivating presence of the wood.


Kyoto × Indonesia

Proud Tradition Meets Top Grade Natural Material


Ebony, as it is named “diamond in the forest”, is very solid and difficult to shape meticulously, requiring the high skill and abundant experience of craftsmen. Especially in terms of our products, they are simply yet very sophisticatedly designed so the details are important. Generally, it would be strenuous to achieve these fine details when processing the ebony. Our products are very durable, full of grace and elegance, because they are made of the genuine natural ebony produced in the factory in Indonesia, and crafted by the prominent skill of Kyoto craftsman who pursues the real value and taste.


Product Features


Very Solid and Durable
Highly-Skilled Shape and Refined Finish
Simple and Functional Design
Warm Presence to Fit in Home


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